Emergency Financial Assistance


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


Stuff happens. And sometimes when it does we cannot afford to provide our pet with the care they need. For years, San Juan Animal League has provided an emergency fund for animals – and their owners – during times of health crisis.

We now have an SJAL phone line dedicated too emergencies.  Please call 505-801-1035 to speak to our volunteer in charge of the emergency fund.

San Juan Animal League partners with Animal Haven Clinic in Farmington, NM to evaluate and provide this assistance. We now have a second veterinary partner for emergencies, Farmington Veterinary Clinic. Farmington Veterinary Clinic is located at 6603 E. Main St.

If you have a health emergency, please call Animal Haven at 505 325-8829 or Farmington Veterinary Clinic at 505-325-7462 to have your pet’s condition evaluated. Once the clinic has looked at your pet and their injuries or condition, the doctor will formulate a plan. A co-pay is typically required for any care provided.


Want to help other pets in need?

SJAL Emergency Fund is always in need of additional funds. By donating, you too can help others when their pets fall ill. Please consider donating today!