O’Hearn Fund

James P. O’Hearn Memorial Fund


This fund is named in memory of James O’Hearn.

As a boy and young man, James was always bringing home stray and wounded animals. In honor of that spirit, this fund has been set up to aid individuals who take in animals in need.

Monies are distributed in the form of grants. These grants are given to assist individuals with medical care, spay or neuter, housing and feeding and similar expenses arising from the care of a stray or abandoned animal.

Grants are usually awarded to an individual only once but additional grant requests by the same person will be considered on a case by case basis.  Grants are limited to the documented cost(s) to care for the animal or $300, whichever is lower. Applicants for this grant must complete the application and provide documentation in the form of receipts, outstanding bills or professional estimates. The grant monies will be paid directly to the provider of services (for example, the veterinary hospital). Monies may also be paid to the rescuer for costs which are supported with receipts.

Eligible expenses include:

  • Veterinary costs, including emergency care, essential laboratory work and x-rays, essential medications, wound care supplies, and surgical costs
  • Spay or neuter costs in excess of SJAL rebate amounts
  • Sheltering costs including fencing, dog or cat houses, crates or pet carriers
  • Puppy or kitten pre-weaning supplies, including bottles and formula

Expenses not eligible for grant reimbursement include:

  • Pet food, unless it is prescribed by a veterinarian
  • Essential supplies for pet care including collar/leash, bowls, and bedding
  • Vaccinations above the cost at SJAL vaccination clinics
  • Non-essential veterinary care
  • Grooming costs unless indicated to relieve a medical conditions (ie extreme matting)

Applicants must be private individuals who adopt or foster stray, abandoned or feral animals. Rescue organizations or groups, formal or informal, are not eligible for grants except in special situations. Pets adopted from an animal shelter and those bought or adopted from a pet store, breeder or private individual are not eligible for grants except in special circumstances. Approval of the full board of SJAL must be given for any exceptions to the above restrictions.

Applicants must agree to have the animal spayed/neutered as soon as possible if they are keeping the animal. They are also required to have any offspring altered prior to being placed in their new homes. All applicants receiving a grant are eligible for SJAL affordable spay/neuter program.

Please fill out the following to see if you qualify:

O’Hearn fund application