Dog Spay/Neuter Sign up

Welcome to the San Juan Animal League spay/neuter sign-up page. We are thrilled that you are going to have your pet altered. This procedure can often help alleviate bad behaviors (fighting, roaming, marking) lower the chances of cancer in your pet and of course help us to lower the number of puppies and kittens born.

Throughout our area there are still more puppies and kittens born then there are available homes. Our local animal shelters do their best with the resources they have and both transfer hundreds of animals every year to other cities and towns, mostly in Colorado, but it’s not enough. We are still euthanizing animals for space. The only way to stop this is to lower the number being born – through accessible, affordable spay and neuter.

Please use the following sign up form to sign up a dog for surgery – Note, only animals less than 7 years old and 50 pounds or lighter are eligible. If your dog is heavier than 50 pounds, call us for a voucher to a participating veterinary hospital.